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SysInfo is an application for Motorola 680x0 based Classic Amiga and is used for getting information about the system like OS and library versions, hardware revisions and stuff.

Exactly 19 years after version 3.24 of SysInfo it's time for an update! The original author Nic Wilson has kindly given me permission to continue the maintenance of this old classic.


Download latest stable released version.
  • SysInfo.lha lha arhive.
  • SysInfo.adf bootable disk image.

    Beta or Release Candidate

    A If you want information when new versions of SysInfo is available, please subscribe here. Download latest Beta or Release Candidate here, please report bugs and feature requests:
  • SysInfo 4.5 beta 12 (2021-01-28)
    • Removed references to "Dhrystones" because SysInfo doesn't implement it correctly.
    • Added a Chip/Fast/ROM speed test, see SysInfo.guide for more info.
    • Added a speed test button in Memory info window.
    • Refactoring of chip detection.
    • Refactoring of boards handling.
    • Redesigned BOARDS view to handle longer Manufacturer & Product names (increased from 13 to 15 chars)
    • Added some support for Manufacturers reusing the same ID.
    • Added all 637 AutoConfig boards from Holger Hippenstiel SysinfoBoards.lha with permission.
    • Changed argument parsing handling to standard Amiga DOS parameters (now supports SysInfo ?)
    • Added HELP CLI Argument which prints a short help text.
    • Added NOFPU CLI Argument and Icon ToolTypes, if set, all FPU routines are disabled.
    • Added some "eye candy".
    • Huge refactoring of print routines
    • Code refactoring to make the code more manageble, decrease file size and mem usage.
  • Known problems in beta 10:
    • Scrollist gets stuck in an endless loop when you scroll after a speed test.
    • CLI argument TEST do not work yet and will crash with a guru.
    • In some cases 1MB Agnus is identified as 2MB Agnus.

    Known problems

  • The benchmark results provided by SysInfo is currently not verified on M68060 Amigas and useless in emulators set up to emulate faster than early classic amigas!
  • Two reports of 1 MB ECS Agnus (NTSC 8372A) identified as a 2 MB Agnus.
  • When using tools to rearrange windows, "dialogs" can be put behind the main window.
  • In WinUAE, when enabling "Fast as possible" & JIT it craches after Speed test when scrolling the libraries list.

    I want more bug reports! Mail it to SysInfo (at) d0.se or use the contact form.


    SysInfo 4.4 (11-Nov-20)

    download adf
    • Changed handling of speed numbers, if big, don't print decimals
    • Replaced "Chip Speed vs A600" algoritm to use a lot less instructions and a lot more CHIP mem accesses resulting in a more relevant value. This results in significantly lower value for machines with instruction cache (68020+), which is more accurate because instruction cache should not affect CHIPMEM access speed.
    • Added support for AC68080 frequenc support
    • Update will no longer try to open 68040/68060.library when there is no such CPU
    • Bugfix: 68040/68060 non FPU guru fixed, again!
    • Lots of updates/corrections in the SysInfo.guide documentation.
    • Lots of code cleanup

    SysInfo 4.3 (27-Sep-19)

    download adf
    • ADF image distribution
    • Identifies APOLLO-Core 68080 CPU/FPU
    • Better hanfling of 68060 CPU/FPU identification
    • Bugfix: 68040 non FPU guru fixed
    • Experimental adf release http://sysinfo.d0.se
    • Documentation in AmigaGuide format and experimental html

    SysInfo 4.2 (13-Jul-19)

    • Intermediate release with better utilization of pipelining in 68040 and newer CPUs in "Dhrystone" calculation implementation.

    SysInfo 4.0 (07-Nov-12)

    • 19 years later, a new maintainer, a new release. (tnx Nic Wilson)
    • Crasch due to assumed accessable memory at $2000 changed to $4000. (tnx Piru)
    • Updated memory size calculation in Memory Info to handle 64MB+ sizes correctly.
    • Updated board size calculation to handle 64MB+ correctly, added MB suffix for sizes greater than 2MB.
    • Several small corrections in the code.
    • Added some support for identificate of 68060, more to do. Doesn't yet handle the difference between LC/EC versions.
    • Fixed some bugs regarding 68060 handling like always open 68040.library
    • Added identification of UAE Autoconfig™ boards.
    • Added identification of Individual Computers GmbH Germany (www.icomp.de) Autoconfig™ boards. (tnx Jens Schönfeld)
    • New contact information: http://sysinfo.d0.se SysInfo (at) d0.se.

    Previous versions authored by Nic Wilson

    SysInfo 3.24 (07-Nov-93)

    • The DRIVES/SCSI function was not 'Close'ing each drive that it 'Open'ed after the function was finished.


    Please report any bugs and feature requests to SysInfo (at) d0.se.

    Do you want to be a beta tester? Contact SysInfo (at) d0.se, please include your system specs.

    Comments (79)

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    at 2024-07-12 00:06:34:
    possimus eaque ut animi magni ex temporibus reiciendis accusamus et esse. quaerat corrupti quia repudiandae repellendus voluptatibus neque et eaque ipsam.

    at 2024-06-30 03:57:47:
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    at 2024-06-30 03:57:47:
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    at 2024-04-21 10:08:19:
    Thank you very much for the time and effort you invest in SysInfo.

    at 2024-02-26 22:50:05:
    Will 4.5 get a release? Is any work underway for a further enhanced version?

    Response:support {a} d0 . se
    at 2024-02-27 08:25:17:
    Yes, bug fixes are moving slowly (due to various life factors), and work is being done to update the drive benchmark routines.

    Stefan Reinauer
    at 2023-07-15 00:22:41:
    Can you take a look at the drive speed algorithm in sysinfo?

    It quite frequently prints 6553600 bytes/sec (Which seems to be 0x10000 * 100), so there seems to be an overflow in there somewhere.

    In the ReA4091 project Chris and I were using his devtest utility which put quite a bit of thought into how to improve result accuracy: github.com/cdhooper/amiga_devtest

    at 2023-01-05 12:13:50:
    @Toni Wilen (WinUAE)
    Q: A decent benchmark suitable for WinUAE? AmigaMARK?

    A: I don't know. P96Speed is fine, except those 2 tests because it made bad timer choice. At least it does not have the biggest problem: test run taking almost no time with JIT active.

    Main requirements are: timing should use CIA timers, test length should adjust to CPU speed. It is "bad" test if it takes less than few seconds with JIT.

    at 2022-11-21 16:48:10:
    Not just me wondering if anything is being cooked.
    The last few versions sadly have many issues on pimped up amigas.
    It would be nice if the current maintainer tried to run it with MuForce
    and fixed all the hits it creates, would make a solid application then.
    In current form it's more a one time wish me luck thing,
    and better reboot after if it did not crash in the process.
    And the problem with too many drives is really disappointing.

    at 2022-11-20 23:22:17:
    Still working on SysInfo? Long time since last public update... :(
    Freeze when scrolling after a test is a really annoying bug.

    at 2022-08-31 07:02:01:
    I have an Expert Services Rejuvenator, how would I find out the product number and name/desc for the last two fields of S:SysInfo.Boards so I can add it to SysInfo.Boards? Is the info somehow contained in the Rejuvenator, or is it on a list at Hyperion or somewhere?

    Response:support {a} d0 . se
    at 2022-08-31 09:10:17:
    Unfortunately, it looks like Expert Services Rejuvenator does not support Autoconfig and therefore it lacks vendor id and product id.

    at 2022-08-02 22:58:48:
    Thanks for your support! Amigaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    at 2022-05-27 13:32:50:
    It's great to know that SysInfo is still updated and bugfixed. Great work and support for the Amiga community. Thank you!😃

    at 2022-05-21 10:15:45:
    Time for updates? Some time has passed since last public Aminet update...

    Robert Borg
    at 2022-04-30 16:03:29:
    Finns det n?got s?tt att starta SysInfo i ett f?nster ist?llet f?r helsk?rmsl?ge?

    mvh: Robert

    nils karlsson
    at 2022-04-11 20:53:46:
    do you have a lot of phone call ? because on all screenshots I've seen on various amiga groups they are so fast that in the comment you wrote "Phone me NOW !!!" lol

    at 2022-02-22 20:25:03:
    Sysinfo 4.5b12 crashes with a 68010 cpu (Guru), 68000 is fine.
    Sysinfo 4.4 works fine on both CPU's

    at 2022-02-15 03:00:54:
    Great work, much appreciated!

    at 2021-10-18 16:31:10:
    Hi, any chance you could add DMAC info for A3000(T) machines - Sysinfo v2 used to state DMAC Old or New to show whether 02 or 04 was detected - it?d be nice to get this functionality back. Also, any chance of DSP detection for those lucky people who own an AA3000 or AA3000+ ?

    Raj W.
    at 2021-10-11 03:00:56:
    Version 4.4 crashes on my A500+ with a SupraDrive 500XP that has 2MB installed and a HD. Switched to v3.24 and everything works again.

    at 2021-09-23 19:34:53:
    SysInfo any version crashes on hd info/speed screen when having large number of devices present in the system. A4000/060, OS 3.2, 25+ devices.

    at 2021-09-14 11:13:21:
    Hello, I was interested in be a beta tester

    A3000 spec
    Cpu 68060
    Rtg z9000
    BigRamPlus 256Mb

    Jan Jaap
    at 2021-09-09 10:55:18:
    Great work! Thanks!

    at 2021-08-06 04:18:40:
    make the source code open source please

    at 2021-07-04 23:48:05:
    Thanks a lot for all this update ! Oldest 3.24 crash on Mist / Mistica. I'm wake up only now and see all this nice update since 3.24 !! O: Great job you make me so happy !
    Version 4.4 work great on Mistica also in RTG mode. Big thanks !
    Amiga live for ever.

    at 2021-06-27 14:17:21:
    Any progress on RTG support, the program crashes badly when the wrong mode is used,you should use Graphic library to blit images.
    Is it possible to download the source code from somewhere?

    Steven Lyon
    at 2021-03-30 00:03:21:
    So I'm probably in a minority of one here but I was disappointed that I couldn't sign up to the mailing list on my Amiga (IBrowse 2.5.3). Wouldn't allow me to prove I'm a human! Had to do it on my PC.

    at 2021-02-19 16:38:35:
    in latest beta it shows MMU: 6803 (IN USE) <-last zero missing.
    in beta and all earlier versions show largest block of fast ram to largest block regardless of what the largest block is for the current memory displayed.

    I have 16M of 32-bit fast, 2M of fast ram and 1M of chip ram.
    chip ram shows ok, but Largest Block for fast ram is the largest block of 32-bit ram. Machine is A500/030/supra drive.

    Good to see program updated!

    Response:support {a} d0 . se
    at 2021-02-19 16:49:10:
    Thanks tk for the report

    * MMU text is fixed in next beta

    * Largest block of free mem is new for me, thanks...

    at 2021-01-12 22:31:44:
    Thanks for updating this software :D

    at 2020-12-06 15:15:37:
    Hello, I discovered a bug in 4.4. When I have started an assembler and close it again and then start Sysinfo. Then I suddenly have an ECS Denise under display, unfortunately my Amiga 500 only has the standard Denise.

    Chris Edwards
    at 2020-12-03 13:58:42:
    thank you for updating this classic program that everyone uses.

    at 2020-12-01 10:52:51:
    Great news , keep up the good work!

    at 2020-10-26 14:13:53:
    On Amiga4000/40 with MMU lib installed, Sysinfo reports the Copy Back to be disabled while CPU command properly reports Copy back enable.SysInfo does not enable to control it then.

    at 2020-10-20 16:54:53:
    While 4.3 doesn't crash when started up on 68EC060 or 68LC060, it does crash when the speed test is performed. Do you need a hand with fixing this issue? Thanks!

    at 2020-09-02 09:54:51:
    Using sysinfo on MiSTer/Minimig returns a '68040 Installation Alert' even though the core is set to 68020/AGA.

    support {a} d0 . se
    at 2020-06-15 07:15:13:
    wyatt8740, Thanks for the report. Will continue the discussion via email...

    at 2020-08-25 22:17:58:
    Does not work with a LC CPU

    at 2020-06-14 13:20:00:
    My 8372A 1MB 'Fat Agnus' is detected as being in PAL mode regardless of the state of pin 41 (which determines if it boots into 50hz or 60hz mode) and regardless of the value of the oscillator on the motherboard (I have the original NTSC one installed; 28.63636 MHz. I live in the US).
    Also, when booted with Agnus pin 41 tied high (50Hz boot), it detects an 'ECS DENISE', despite being an 8362 R8 (apparently the last OCS Denise revision). When Agnus pin 41 is grounded (60Hz mode, as was shipped on my NTSC Ami

    at 2020-06-06 10:39:27:
    SysInfo does not work on RTG screen modes, please fix.

    at 2020-01-12 15:22:27:
    What's wrong with GitHub?

    at 2019-10-15 10:11:58:
    Hey, did you think about opensourcing Sysinfo and putting it into Github?

    Response:support {a} d0 . se
    at 2019-10-15 11:51:11:
    xd, opensource is under investigation and may happen but never on github.

    Jaix Bly
    at 2019-10-14 18:14:25:
    SysInfo uppdaterad i ?r, najs! En utility man inte vill vara utan.
    SysInfo updated this year, nice! A utility you don't want to be without.

    support {a} d0 . se
    at 2019-09-05 16:02:52:
    Yes 'Nightshft', it's easy to do but hard to license to make it legal!

    at 2019-09-05 15:39:21:
    Sysinfo is an awesome Benchmark for the Amiga. Thanks for maintaining it! Creating an ADF is easy. Use a WB1.3 Disk. Strip all you dont need (fonts, printer, ...) which should give you >50% free. Copy Sysinfo to it and you'r done.

    at 2019-06-16 17:48:45:
    Hi, is very good program for testing speed. Is possible to add detection for "60080" (Vampire)?

    Response:support {a} d0 . se
    at 2019-06-17 07:49:46:
    Yes, early alpha version is assembling "as we speek"...

    support {a} d0 . se
    at 2019-05-01 20:08:53:
    H?ller p? att skriva om str?nhangteringen f?r att det ?ver huvud taget skall vara m?jligt. S? det kan komma :)

    Swedish Pete
    at 2019-05-01 10:25:45:
    Hej! N?r kommer st?d f?r locale.library samt boards.library?

    at 2018-12-25 20:12:57:
    sysinfo does not see the PowerPC processor?

    Response:support {a} d0 . se
    at 2018-12-28 10:46:10:
    Unfortunantely no support for PowerPC, not yet.

    at 2018-09-28 19:18:10:
    Could you please expand the machine results box by 1 or 2 character in the "speed comparisons" section and also expand the mips results by 2 chars so ppl using high speed emulators dont get their results displayed wrong/chopped off, it would be nice to see them even though the numbers are inacurate in emulators.

    at 2018-03-13 14:07:35:
    still no adf? Seriously?

    Response: support {a} d0 . se
    at 2018-03-13 15:05:00:
    Still no license, unfortunately. If you have any contact path with the current license owners, please contact me. I have not received a response for a long time.

    support {a} d0 . se
    at 2018-01-02 09:40:27:
    Unfortunately, I still have not managed to resolve the licensing of AmigaOS tools required. Will try again ...

    at 2018-01-02 09:35:39:
    Hi, Do you have an beta ADF version or an official version ready now?

    J. Titor
    at 2017-12-24 12:25:03:

    Marcin @ SUGA
    at 2017-06-11 00:49:27:
    If you happen to pass by our lovely capital, you're most welcome to visit the SUGA clubhouse, open every Saturday from 15:00. Check out www.suga.se for directions. I'm sure you will find both inspiration and access to odd and rare hardware.

    mj nurney
    at 2017-04-03 21:05:44:

    i would like to make a patched (for Vampire & non fpu) and standard version of sys info on .adf and upload it to Aminet. would have a problem with this cheers mike.

    Response:support {a} d0 . se
    at 2017-04-03 22:48:04:
    Please, don?t distribute any .adf! SysInfo requires SetPatch to work properly on many configurations and I?m in the process of obtaining a license.
    I have a .adf solution ready as soon as I have the license.

    Please wait for the official version...

    You can contact me if you want to join a closed beta.

    at 2017-03-28 22:49:40:
    To use this programm on an Amiga 2000 I would need an adf file, so this is not provided?
    I did copy it to an emppty adf floppydisk using FS-UAE but under FS-UAE it works but when I copy the adf file to an USB Stick using it with Gotek on an Amiga 2000 the floppy is allways empty. So why is not an adf provided? I do not have internet access on my amiga and I think the programm is used on a lot of amigas without internet access. So every one has to do that task? I even can not do it? How do you deal with it

    Nic Wilson (original author)
    at 2017-01-23 23:38:53:
    Please contact me about this

    at 2016-08-24 17:04:10:
    One small suggestion.

    It would be nice to have also an adf download, like sysinfo.adf.
    That would be more straightforward to use from WinUAE without a virtual harddisk.

    at 2016-08-11 01:03:13:
    where can i find the number to dial 'Phone Me NOW!!!' ?

    at 2016-06-20 10:03:57:
    I see the latest is version 4.0... Is there any newer version? Or is there a new version in the works? Cheers

    at 2016-06-19 23:39:39:
    Thanks, much appreciated, and keep up the good work ;)

    at 2016-06-19 21:30:40:
    Vampire, SAMs and x1000 deserve and entry ;-)

    at 2016-06-19 18:51:27:
    Next has to be PPC support, including AmigaOS 4 and MorphOS :)

    at 2016-04-22 05:55:25:
    Screen promotion doesn\'t work properly if being used on an Amithlon system.
    Graphics are shrunk and buttons are corrupted in Ver. 4.0.

    at 2016-04-15 14:04:34:

    at 2016-04-05 23:09:17:
    Love it.

    at 2016-02-24 10:27:12:
    Muchas gracias, esperamos que actualices a las nuevas aceleradoras de A600.

    Un saludo desde Madrid (España)
    Amiga Rulez!

    at 2016-02-07 22:17:50:
    wow, definitely a highlander program :)

    at 2016-01-22 23:27:02:
    Mega thx!!
    Greetings from hungary

    at 2016-01-21 08:16:37:
    Great come back!
    Amiga Rulez
    Cheers :-)

    at 2015-12-21 13:58:41:
    Great job! Thank you a lot!

    at 2015-10-02 11:43:36:
    nice to see 68060 support ! :)

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